Passenger Elevators

CONCORD PASSENGER ELEVATORS employ the Latest State Of The Art Technology integrated with elegant designs offerings, with a large host of features to suite every project requirement from the simplest to the most sophisticated, keeping user safety comfort and convenience at the forefront of the entire product range.

CONCORD’S standard elevator range is currently from 3 passenger i.e. 204Kg home lifts  to 15000Kg freight cum passenger elevators, traveling from 2 stops upto 64 stops and with travel speeds ranging from 0.3M/Sec to 7.0M/Sec.

CONCORD elevators can be configured for machine room, small machine room and MRL (machine room less) installations depending on the various site conditions and requirements.

CONCORD standard cabin interior designs incorporate a simple elegant contemporary design concepts and open feel, enhancing the overall travel experience of the passengers.  We at CONCORD also design customized sophisticated elevators in size, finishes, shape (panoramic) and speeds, which accents the designs of the most imaginative, bold and creative architects and building / property developers.